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About Us

Original Store Opened 1976

Winchester Auto Parts was founded in 1976 with a small
store on Winchester Blvd. in Campbell, Ca. We have expanded into a 5 store chain servicing Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. Our continued commitment to the highest possible service, largest selection of cutting edge parts and accessories, latest technology, and prices second to none, have kept us in the forefront of automotive do-it-your-selfers, and professional installers alike.

If you have ever had a chance to visit one of our 5 locations, you would have noticed something unique, quite different than other auto part stores. We are not a mass merchandiser or mega-chain auto store which specializes in oils and "mechanics in a pour can". On the other hand, we don't typify your standard old time mom and pop parts store with wooden shelves, front stools, and a 2 inch layer of dust covering the entire front of the store. We are a finely tuned blend of both, offering you large, clean, well lit, organized automotive stores, with extensive inventories. In each store, a knowledgeable crew with years of hands on mechanical experience, and a concerned owner/manager promise and guarantee you the finest service anywhere.

We have one of the largest selections of high quality automotive parts and accessories anywhere. We've got everything you need for your conventional passenger car, light truck, R.V., sport utility vehicle, or 4x4. We also carry performance parts for your new or classic specialty vehicle. All five of our locations are open 7 days and evenings and most holidays, with machine shop service available. We turn brake drums and rotors and press bearings 7 days a week. Service, Service, Service, that's the Winchester Auto creed. We have over 40 delivery trucks running all over Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties, in most cases offering you "priority one" special orders in less than 2 hours, 7 days a week. When you phone one of our stores, you will talk to an experienced counter-pro, who will be able to give you the information you need, and supply you with the right part, at the right price, backed with the industries longest warranties. When you're tired of dealing with bored, inexperienced retail clerks in chain auto part stores, give Winchester Auto a try, and see what professionalism and service are all about


February, 1976:

Winchester Auto opened as a general partnership on February 1, 1976 at 1565 Winchester Boulevard in Campbell, Ca. Stephen Cameron and Terry Haschert have remained sole and equal partners in the mother corporation since inception.

October, 1978: Winchester Auto was incorporated under the laws of the State of California as Winchester Auto Stores, Inc.
July, 1980: Winchester Auto, opened it's second location at 5346 Scotts Valley Drive in Scotts Valley, Ca.
February, 1985: Winchester Auto opened it's first San Jose store at 1102 Lincoln Avenue, Ca. The store was incorporated as Winchester Auto Parts, Inc. and is owned by Winchester Auto Parts, Inc. and Dale Hundrieser, it's owner operator.
November, 1995: Winchester Auto purchased Peninsula Auto Stores at the corner of Hostetter and Capitol Roads in San Jose. The store was incorporated as Winchester Auto Capitol, Inc. and is owned by Winchester Auto Stores, Inc.
March, 1997: Winchester Auto moved it's Campbell location into a new, state of the art headquarters location at 1366 S Winchester Blvd., two blocks away from it's original location.
March, 1999: Winchester Auto joined the Parts Plus network of auto parts stores and repair facilities.
January, 2000: Winchester Auto purchased Pro Plus Auto Parts and moved our Lincoln Avenue store into the location at 3261 S. White Road in San Jose, Ca.

May, 2000:
Winchester Auto opened it's Santa Cruz store at 3545 Soquel Drive in Soquel, Ca. The store was incorporated as Winchester Auto Santa Cruz, Inc. and is owned by Winchester Auto Stores, Inc. and Mark Froling, it's owner operator.
August, 2010:

Winchester Auto Scotts Valley says goodbye to the old location and moves down the streer into a bigger location located at 214 Mt Herman Rd.

July, 2011:

Winchester Auto Capitol moves down the parking lot to the old Hollywood video store at 1699 N Capitol Ave. The move gives Capitol a bigger brighter storefront and more room to stock additional inventory.

Ethics Statement:

Winchester Auto Parts operates under a strict ethics policy. Our policy is one of respect and honesty, respect and honest with our customers, with our employees and with our suppliers. We try never to forget that without customers, we have no business, without employees we have no way to service the customer and without vendors, we have nothing to sell the customer.

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