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We thought about getting a marketing team to work up a bunch of fancy phrases that would tell you how great we are but instead we decided to just let our customers do it for us. Below are reviews taken straight from sites like Yelp!, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc

I'm 65 years old and don't normally post things of this nature but I'm giving credit where credit is due. Being an old gear head who likes to get his hands dirty by repairing my own vehicle, over the years I've frequented my share of so called Auto Chain stores. Most of the people who are behind the counter have no clue as to how an automobile works but after going to the Winchester Stores I'm convinced that you must hire only people who have a working knowledge of automobile systems. The crew at the San Jose White and Aborn store are a case in point. They have always been helpful in either obtaining what I need in a timely fashion or have the knowledge and expertise to solve my particular problem. Kudos to those guys. It is evident that they've gotten their hands dirty and have been in the mud and the blood and beer. Only then can you be a true parts counterman or parts supplier.

- Tom    
... "Had to buy a replacement light bulb for my car headlight. I know nothing about cars and it is hard for a girl to shop at a car parts store without feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, even if it is just to buy a light bulb! The guy at the counter greeted me as soon as I went in; he was very friendly and helpful without being condescending. He found what I needed right away. I was in and out of there within 5 minutes...easy peasy! I also appreciated that he told me to be careful not to touch the glass on the lightbulb because it was a halogen light which is sensitive to the oil and dirt on your fingers. What's even better is that when I got home, I compared prices on Amazon and found that it was almost the same price online."
- Sandy L    
"Why waste your time running endlessly around at the so called discount auto parts places only to get the wrong part. The helpful people at Winchester Auto Parts have been providing me the right part every time for the past 20 plus years. If I need a part for my cars I will always patronize the place that is always helpful and  treats me like a valued customer!"
 - Russ H    
I know absolutely nothing about cars.  The guys at Winchester have been so helpful with keeping my car intact.  From cutting my windshield wiper blades (which have to be cut a special way) to telling me where I can find things cheapest and who I can trust.
Locally owned, family business.  If they can't help you, they will send you to somebody who they trust.  
So thankful for all of the help over the years.  You guys rock!!
 - Cheyrl H    
Great staff and service better than any other auto parts store in the area, I've delt with a lot of them today. They also have a better parts selection and good prices as well. Bottom line, they did a good enough job to get me off my butt and right a positive review
 - John      

I needed a part and they were the only place in town that carried it in stock. Other places had to order it. Also the guys here knew what I was talking about when I called over the phone. Other places quoted me extremely high prices and I had to explain and have them check again because they were giving me the price for something else. I would recommend this place because they are friendly and know their stuff.
 - YT     


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